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Olfactory indulgence and intrigue paved my journey into the world of aromatics. I was always conscious of smell. Smell can be sexy, delicious, disgusting, personal, dangerous, intriguing, and profoundly primal. My awareness to the power of scent began in 1999 in India. Along with the odor of food, cars, animals, and people, came incense. Burning incense to honor gods, to celebrate, to mourn, to start the day, and to pray was influential and compelling for me. I began a friendship with an incense maker in Mysore, I sought out incense markets, and I came back home on a mission to design incense burners and containers.

I became interested in the history of incense- how it was used, its purpose, how it was crafted, and what materials were used. With my research, a portal of aromatic botanicals opened up. Learning about plants that offered scent was exciting, and crafting simple versions of old incense formulas approachable. My incense enterprise lead to me to plant oils. Not only did some plants release odor when burning, but they also released oils and waxes through different methods of extraction. And so another door opened into the world of essential oils. Enticing oils, with beautiful smells, spiritual and healing properties, laboriously made in cultures far away, was and is still amazing to me. I began to study the therapeutic and medicinal properties of oils, noticing how the varied scents were also working as tools for my mindfulness and health. For two and half years I dedicated myself to the education of essentials oils. What part of the plant they came from, which part of the world, how they were extracted, how they could be used, their chemical components, and so much more. I discovered that my research would be endless and always evolving. Working with essential oils led me to new scents with varied consistencies, and challenged me to find different manners of how to manipulate them. This play of experimental successes and lots of failures led me to the art of perfumery. My need to layer, to learn how the oils could work together (or not), to invent something new, personal, and compelling brought me to perfumery. To take an idea, a concept, or a story and communicate it through the primal intimate human sensory of scent continues to inspire and reward me.

I formulate and produce my entire line of body and face care, perfumes, incenses, and aromatic candies. All the product is carefully handcrafted and some hand formed. The body and face care is delivered recently-made to you. My laboratory is like my kitchen, and I pride myself in not using heavy preservatives, using fresh materials, carefully selected, and carefully stored. All my perfumes are aged like precious wine. Perfumes need to meld and marry as one to speak their full potential. The candies are made in tiny batches and are hand cut on a large marble slab just like the old candy makers used. The incense is laboriously hand shaped and always takes a few days to execute. I also take pride in teaching and developing scents for other labels. My team and I work from my studio located in Los Angeles. I like to think of it as an aromatic apothecary with attributes of the old world, a place to satiate olfactory wanderlust, and where sundries and therapeutics are meticulously crafted to offer to you. I hope you love using them.